29 Days 'til BEA: So That's What Those Rings Are For!

Ever buy something that you knew would come in handy someday or was worth a lot more than the price tag?

Six years ago I bought a set of 3 inch brass rings. I found them in the dollar bin of a craft supply store and immediately bought them. I almost felt as if I was robbing the store, benefiting from the mistake of a careless stock person. Brass rings for a mere buck?? I was making out like a bandit!

But the joke was on me when I finally examined them at home. They were too small for bracelets, too heavy for earrings, and I couldn't figure out how to use them in any of the other crafts I did. So I tucked them away in my art bin, hoping that I one day I could solve the mystery of the brass rings.

Today while making my second bag, I had an "a-ha!" moment. I was looking online at photos of bags and saw the same type of rings on the handles. (Insert trumpet blare.) The rings were meant for making bags.

Yes, you would think that a bag-obsessed person such as myself would have immediately known what those rings were for. But I didn't. And now I wish that I gobbled up the rest of those brass rings six years ago. That dollar bin was overflowing with them.

I need a time machine!