6 Days 'til BEA: Making A Table Mat

This table mat is approximately 20 inches x 40 inches. I know it doesn't look like much, but it took all afternoon to make it. Weaving duct tape is a fairly easy task, but one this large requires patience and a lot of duct tape.

I used Platypus brand grass and white linen prints. This duct tape is great for table mats because they are extra thick and have a matte finish. It's built to last. I cut fringes along the outer edges to make it look more like cloth, but my kids think it looks like a rug.


This is the last project I am making for BEA. I sent my publisher a box full of duct tape goodies this evening and I will take a break this weekend from crafting--or at least that is my intention.

It's Memorial Day Weekend and both of my kids made their respective All Star teams (baseball and softball), so I will be to-ing and fro-ing until my head is spinning like a top. I'm secretly hoping that we do not get invited to any barbecues so I can collapse on the floor at the end of the day. The phone is already programmed with the local restaurants so I can order in pizza or sushi. I have a post-it on my phone with a reminder to stop by an ATM to get cash. And the wine rack is fully stocked with Cote du Rhone and Beaujolais. I have this image of myself surrounded by my kids in their dirty uniforms, pizza slices on paper plates adorning our laps, and a glass of wine in my hand. If that's not heaven, I don't know what is.

Happy Memorial Day!