7 Days 'til BEA: The Home Stretch

I made pig pillows today!
You can find this project in my new book TAPE IT & MAKE MORE, which will be available September 1st. I'm a bit of a bacon-aholic (is that even a word??), so pigs make frequent appearances in my crafts. In the book I've included not only this pig pillow but a piggy bank, too.

The pink/white houndstooth duct tape used for these pillows is made by Just For Laughs. They don't make many colors or patterns, but the ones that they have are a lot of fun. They also make a yellow newspaper print that I like. Another interesting thing about the JFL tapes is that they smell good. After receiving my order from TapeBrothers.com, I opened up the box and noticed a perfume smell. And when I opened a roll of JFL tape, the smell got stronger. It' a pleasant scent, but I find it a bit odd.

Anyway, these two pillows will be on display at BEA.

I also decided to re-work the chevron necklace I made yesterday. Take a look:

Well? Much improved? No?

So far I've made 4 necklaces, and I'll probably make 2 more this weekend. I think that hair flowers will be next. I need something to wear in my hair at BEA, so why not?