Going Back To School: My Summer Photography Class part 1

Last year I decided that I wanted--needed--to go back to school for my art degree. While crafting around my house as a child was encouraged, the idea of pursuing art in college was frowned on. If you are a first generation Filipino (or fill in the blank)-American like me, then you have parents who want you to make practical choices in life, choices that would secure food in your belly and a roof over your head. And so I ended up with a really useful history degree that opened so many doors in my life. I hope you can feel the sarcasm in that last statement.

I decided to start with baby steps and only took one class this past spring. Although it was called "Basic 2-D Design" it was anything but basic! I learned a lot, especially about color and color theory. Here are some photos of my work.

"Green No.1"
Collage, magazine paper glued to Bristol board.
I tried to get all the different values of a single color.
Acylic paint on Bristol board.
 I tried to show how colors mix together when they overlap.

This summer I am taking a "basic" photography class--an ANALOG photography class. Yep, the ole 35mm film SLR camera type of class. I dusted off my trusty Ricoh camera that is at least 30 years old and have loaded my first role of film since 2003. I was going to start shooting pics when I noticed that the light meter wasn't working. The batteries were dead! Ugh.

I think they are the same size as the ones for hearing aids so I'll head to the pharmacy later today. And check back with me next week to see what my photos look like. I will develop my rolls of film and make prints on Tuesday.

Wish me luck!