Making Duct Tape Stickers

Making stickers is the easiest project you can do with duct tape. And who doesn't like stickers? Even my 4th grade son Mack likes stickers. Of course, he calls them decals and places them all over his bedroom door. It drives me crazy, but I'm just as guilty of decorating with stickers as he is.

I'm going to share my quick and easy method of making stickers. But just because it's quick and easy doesn't mean that it lacks sophistication.

Duct tape
Parchment paper
Something to trace (optional)

Scissors (be sure to oil the blades before and after use)

1. Draw or trace image directly on the parchment paper using a pencil.
2. Cover drawing with duct tape.
3. Flip over parchment paper to reveal the drawn image on the back. You should be able to see it because the parchment paper is mostly transparent.
4. Cut out the image with scissors. You have just made the sticker.
5. Peel off the parchment paper backing and place sticker where desired.

Here are three different levels of duct tape stickers: easy, moderate, and challenging.


A circle stencil was used to trace circle shaped flower petals directly onto the parchment paper.


The circles were covered with duct tape. The parchment paper was flipped over and the circles were cut out with scissors. The circles were then placed on a tin can to make a simple flower.




I printed out letters from my computer (using Microsoft Word) that were 1 1/2 inches tall. I places a piece of parchment paper over the letters and traced them with pencil.

After covering the letters with duct tape, I cut out the letters.


I peeled off the parchment paper backing and decorated a glass jar with the letter stickers.



This one requires some scanning and Photoshop work. I'm not very proficient in either skill, but it does mean that you must have access to a scanner and Adobe Photoshop application. Once you find the right photo, you will need to scan it and convert the image to b/w in Photoshop. Afterwards, you will need to push the contract of the b/w image so that it mostly reduced to deep shadows and highlights--no mid-tones. Then place a piece of parchment paper over a print out of the image and trace the highlight areas.

Place white duct tape over your drawing and cut out the image with scissors.

I made a messenger bag to place my sticker on.

So there you go, 3 different ways to make a duct tape sticker. Happy duct tape crafting!