My Summer Photography Class part 2

So what have I learned after 20 hours of classroom and lab time? I learned how to develop b/w film and make prints. Okay, I already knew how to make prints, but the last time I used an enlarger was back in 2001. This was the pre-kids era of my life.

I have to admit that I was nervous and feelings of inadequacy started to rise up when I entered the darkroom. I thought that my photographs were pretty good back when I had the time to take pictures, but now? I barely have time to take a shower, like this morning when my daughter's last minute English homework took precedence over my hygiene. She left home happy as a clam and I left home with a not-so-fresh feeling.
Today, after standing in the dark for two hours, I was impatient to get started. (Developer--stop bath--fixer--rinse. Okay, okay.) So after quickly making a contact sheet, I decided to make a print of my son Mack.

It's dirty, it's a bit dark and muddy, but who cares?? I got over my nerves. It can only get better from here and I had fun doing it. The best part is that I have 30 more hours of lab time so I can really experiment with making prints in the darkroom. We learn dodging and burning next week.

Okay, back to my day job...
Over the last two days I received a few shipments of duct tape from my favorite people Fortis Design (Platypus designer duct tape) and But instead of making something with my new rolls, I decided to clean up my studio. Now my rolls are displayed on my sewing table--which actually doesn't get much use these days. My poor Kenmore machine. I hope to get back to sewing cool paper crafts, but I'm so obsessed with duct tape bags lately. I think tomorrow will definitely be a duct tape bag day.

Let's see what tomorrow brings.