On Hair Flowers, Craft Fails, and Being a Mom

Earlier today my interview with Kemberly Richardson aired on Eyewitness News at 5pm. (To see the video, click here.) Kemberly was wearing the duct tape hair flower that I made for BEA! I gave it to her after our interview was done and she was packing up to leave. And while Kemberly said that she would wear it on the air, I wasn't sure if she was being polite or if she was serious. When I turned on Eyewitness News and saw my black and white gingham flower carefully positioned in her perfectly quaffed hair, I couldn't stop smiling for two reasons. One: I knew that Kemberly wasn't just being polite and truly meant what she said. Two: at that very moment I was wearing a duct tape hair flower, too. Kemberly and I were connected in some weird cosmic duct tape way--and I loved it!

This brings me to my latest announcement: I've decided that this is my summer of duct tape hair flowers. Since I've also decided to keep my hair long (yes, out of sheer laziness), wearing a colorful duct tape flower can distract an onlooker from my mostly drab hairstyle and focus on the pretty, shiny thing in my hair.

To be honest, my duct tape hair flower epiphany was born out of a craft fail. One of the new patterns by Platypus is a yellow floral print. When I made a fabric out of the tape, I couldn't figure out what to make with it.

Despite how nicely the pattern lined up when the duct tape strips were made into a fabric, I didn't trust it. I thought that it was too much yellow. So when I tried to make a bag, I added other colors and prints to it which made it look, er, busy. And for some crazy reason I added a flower to the front, which gave the impression that a color blind crafter put this bag together. So I tossed it under my bed and there it shall stay until I can figure out what to do with it.

The picture to the left is of my second attempt to use the yellow floral print duct tape. I made another fabric and, again, didn't trust it. It still felt like too much yellow. So I tried to break it up by covering it with a white duct tape sticker of a hibiscus flower. And this little gem is still sitting on top of my work table because I have no idea what to do next with it. The sticker is too delicate to make into a bag or any useful house ware. And until I get that a-ha moment, I'll leave it where it is.

My third attempt proved successful. Instead of making a hibiscus flower sticker, I simply made a hibiscus flower and used the petal template I made for my BEA flower.


I only have two so far, but my goal is to have ten. I've already cut out the parts for five and just have to assemble them.

If you want to make a hair flower, you can use any of the petal patterns on my website. Or you can make one your own. All you need is an index card to cut your petal pattern out of. Fold the index card lengthwise and cut out half the shape of a flower petal. When you open the index card, your petal should be symmetrical.


One last thing: today was my son's 10th birthday. He's a great kid who once again donated his birthday money to help save quite a few sports teams that are being cut in our school district. (He did this for his 9th birthday, too.) This year he raised $810. Yes, that's $810 not spent on toys he doesn't need. I hope he stays the altruistic kid he is now, and that he always sets an example for peers.

Mack: mommy loves you. Don't ever forget, my chicken.