Making A Duct Tape Board Game

It all began with an innocent purchase at a Five Below store. A few weeks ago, my son Mack and I were browsing the aisles of Five Below. We were mostly filling our basket with bubble gum and candy, but somehow a few pair of dice found their place among the Double Bubble and Bazooka.

When we got home, I placed the dice on the dining room table and stared at it for a while. Then it hit me: what if we made our own family board game? And what if that board game were made out of duct tape? (You knew that I was going to say that, right?)

I quickly made a 22 3/4-inch x 17-inch duct tape mat and asked my kids to sketch some ideas for our board game. Mack and Masana both agreed that it should reflect a task that would start at our house and end at a local grocery store called the Food Basket. They often take walks there to get themselves a treat like a bag of chips or an ice cream cone. Masana thought that there should be elements of Chutes and Ladders while Mack wanted the look of Monopoly. I tried to incorporate both ideas.

As for me, I wanted a little bit of The Wizard Of Oz in there. In the end we made a yellow brick road with hidden ladders for short cuts and different rectangles to represent local stores in town. We still have to work out the game pieces, which we will make out of modeling clay and bracelet charms, but our board game is pretty much done.

Well, what do you think?

It's a pretty easy project and one that can be done with kids of all ages. While I made the mat out of duct tape, a piece of cardboard can be used instead. Or you can cover up an old vinyl placemat--I know that when my kids were a certain age I had a ton of them.

I hope this inspires some of you to make your own duct tape board game.