Summer Camp: Duct Tape Board Games!

A few weeks ago my kids and I made a duct tape board game based on a trip to our local food mart. We were inspired by a "make-your-own" board game project in a terrific book called UNBORED: The Essential Guide to Serious Fun (Bloomsbury). It was such a successful project that I thought that it might be a good craft for my summer camp workshop.

Yesterday we used the last 30 minutes of our morning to sketch game board ideas onto scrap paper. We talked about what makes a good board game and how we could personalize them. And I told them that they had to make everything out of duct tape--well, everything except the dice I would give them. I showed them the board game that my kids and I made, and pointed out the different rectangles of duct tape that we used for the game path. I then explained what each rectangle's color or pattern represented in terms of furthering the action of the game (e.g. skull and crossbones tape meant going back to the start of the game path). (Click here to see our board game.) When it was time to leave, several of the kids asked if they could come in early the next day so they could start working on their board games. Of course I said no, especially when one of them asked if I came in at 7am. Egads, that's early.
When the kids came in this morning, they were focused and eager to get to work.

My favorite board game was "Farm Dots." The goal is to collect the most dots (those squished up balls of duct tape) at the end of the game path.

Along the game path, you can win a farm dot if you land on a "chore" rectangle. Chores are things you do around the farm, like paint the barn or giving water to the horses.

Pretty awesome, right?

Today was my last day at summer camp. I had a great time and can't wait to come back next year.