Summer Camp: Making Pictures With Duct Tape

Today I showed the kids how to make pictures with duct tape.

When I first told them that we were going to "draw" or "paint" with duct tape, the reactions were anything but positive. There were groans, blank stares, head-shaking, and even an eye roll. But as I passed around simple animal cartoons and illustrations, I reminded everyone that they were all expert duct tape sticker makers. For the past three days they've been making duct tape fabrics and stickers for every project. And then I explained that a duct tape picture was just a bunch of stickers placed on a background. It's hard to explain here, but trust me when I say that it's easy. In less than ten minutes the kids were happily making their pictures, tracing the animals, and cutting out stickers.

The photo above shows two different duct tape drawings using the same penguin illustration.
Here are more photos of our duct tape drawings:

I am definitely doing this project again. 

Tomorrow is my last workshop and I'm a little sad. But I have something really special planned! Stay tuned.