Summer Camp: Wallets and Key Chains

Today we made duct tape wallets and key chains.

The wallets were a big hit, but I forgot how quickly they can be made. I usually make wallets at the library workshops that I run, which usually lasts about 90 minutes. So I had to start a second project right after snack time and hope we had enough duct tape to last the remainder of our morning.

The great part about running a week long workshop is that the kids have time to hone their sticker-making skills. I have quite a few kids that use duct tape like markers and "color" with it. (For a quick tutorial on how to make duct tape stickers, click here.)

Here are some pictures of our duct tape wallets from today:

We also made key chains, but I forgot to take pictures! It's one of the hazards of getting too involved when crafting with the kids. Tomorrow I might turn an alarm on my phone to remind myself to take pictures of the kids' work.

Two of my wonderful crafters brought back their coin banks and finished them in class. They are two of the best duct tape coin banks that I've seen so far. (Pictures of the penguin and pink dog coin banks below.)

Looking forward to tomorrow's duct tape crafting!