Day 1 of 30 Days of Halloween: The Duct Tape Mustache

I love black duct tape.

Why? Well, one reason is that I can make it look like facial hair. Just take a look at the picture to the left. That's me sporting my best Mario mustache. Tell me it doesn't look like hair!

After I made this mustache, I decided to put it on and stealthily walked into my living room. Both my kids were so engrossed in a television show that they failed to notice me. When there was a commercial break, my daughter finally looked my way and her jaw dropped. Then my son saw me and he shouted, "What happened to you?" And then both my kids doubled over with laughter. When they recovered, they both wanted their own black duct tape facial hair.

A duct tape mustache is the easiest Halloween costume that you can make. So if you get a last minute invite to a dress up party, don't despair! Just follow these easy steps for the mustache of your dreams.

1. Cut a strip of black duct tape that measures 10 to 11 inches long. Fold it in half, sticky sides facing each other. You now have a double-sided strip that measures 5 to 5 1/2 inches long.

2. Fold the strip again, lengthwise. With a pair of scissors round off the upper left corners of the folded strip.

3. Along the bottom edge cut slits into the strip. Be sure to cut through the top and bottom layers. And voila! Your mustache a la Mario style is complete.

If you want to make a different style 'stache, you would cut half the shape into the folded strip at step #2 above. For example, if you want more of a French curl, you would do this: