Day 2 of 30 Days of Halloween: Duct Tape Feather Headpiece and Necklace

Today I made a headpiece, necklace, and earrings using duct tape feathers. They were inspired by Johnny Depp's Tonto in the recent interpretation of "The Lone Ranger." I saw commercial for the forthcoming DVD release and immediately thought of duct tape feathers. What do you think?

I used Platypus brand duct tape for these accessories. They have this terrific Brazilian rosewood pattern that is probably my favorite tape at the moment.

To make feathers, I folded strips of duct tape over coated wire. (I threw out the packaging so I'm not quite sure of the gauge.) Then I added strips of white linen and navy blue duct tape in a chevron pattern along the bottom edges.


I then cut the ends of each strip into pointed triangles. Then I cut slits into each triangle.


I'm loving the feathers! I may not wait for Halloween to wear them.