Day 4 of 30 Days of Halloween: Duct Tape Tattoos a la Mike Tyson

Just like James Lipton (of The Actor's Studio), I've always wanted a tattoo. But you won't hear me whining about it. I know my limitations. I can't stand physical pain, and the last time I willfully did anything really painful was childbirth. And that was excruciating.

I have two friends with kick-ass tribal tattoos on their arms, and in my more inebriated moments have stroked their biceps lovingly, covetously. I've tried applying decal tattoos that look promising on the outer packaging but failed to exude the same seriousness as the real thing. In fact, it looked ridiculous, mostly because the tribal design also included a heart and "I Love Mom" in the center of it. Bah.

Today I realized that black duct tape just might lend itself nicely to temporary tattoos. So I traced a tribal design onto a sheet of parchment paper and then covered it with tape. With a pair of sharp detail scissors, I cut out the design and made a sticker.

The arm tattoo turned out so well that I decided to make one for my face. (Confession: I was watching "The Hangover" recently and Mike Tyson's face tattoo was weighing heavily on my imagination.)

What do you think? Do I look like Mike?

I'm off to find Holyfield...