Day 7 of 30 Days of Halloween: Duck (or Duct?) Mask

My son is a big fan of animals with beaks. Over the years, he has amassed quite a collection of stuffed animals which cover almost every square inch of his bed. His favorite? A duck.

For some strange reason, I never made him a duck costume for Halloween--until now. He's been a rocket, tug boat, vampire, train, football umpire, and the former San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson. Of course this is the year he doesn't want to get dressed up to trick or treating, and this is also the year I made him this duck mask. So being the insane mom that I am, I forced him to wear the mask for this photo. I made it for him, darnit. And he will at least wear it once!

Duct tape masks are really fun to make and I'm sure that these next few weeks I'll fill my blog with many different types. This particular mask was easy, consisting of only yellow and orange duct tape. I make a lot of masks with kids when doing duct tape crafting workshops because it's a versatile project. Given the motivation and skill level of the child, it can be as simple Zorro type black mask or an elaborate Mardi Gras style mask with an elongated nose and feathers.

For the duck mask, I started with orange duct tape for the beak. It's made of two duct tape fabrics, cut to the shape of a beak and taped together.


For the base, I made a duct tape fabric roughly 7 inches x 5 inches and then cut it down to fit over my eyes.


I added some eyelids and attached the beak with tape.


A duct tape duck mask--it was inevitable!