Day 8 of 30 Days of Halloween: Duct Tape Michael Strahan Mask

This is my duct tape mask of Michael Strahan. It's a flat mask that will eventually have a stick handle attached to the back of it. I think that I mostly just want to look at him. What can I say--I have a thing for gap toothed men.

I mostly wanted to stop making Tom Cruise duct tape portraits, if you really want to know the truth. I have too many (and, no, I won't reveal the number to anyone). I need to branch out. And so this smiling,gregarious fella greets me every morning on TV and I felt compelled to make a duct tape version of him.

What do you think?

I searched on Google images for a decent headshot of Mr. Strahan and found one on what I presume is his talent agency's website. It was low resolution so I had to draw over a pretty crappy printout of the photo in order to get smooth contours. Then I re-traced his face on parchment paper and covered it with white duct tape.

I flipped over the duct tape covered parchment paper and cut out the details of his face with scissors.


After peeling the parchment paper off the backside of the duct tape, I placed it on top of black duct tape. Then I trimmed the outline of his head.

I'm thinking of doing more celebrities. Any suggestions?