Day 9 of 30 Days of Halloween: Ian Somerhalder

This is Ian Somerhalder. I know him as Boone from "Lost," but nowadays he is known as Damon from "Vampire Diaries."

Someone asked me to make a duct tape Ian pillow. The intent is to ask him to sign it so it can be auctioned. The money would go to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation whose mission is to further global conservation and green energy development. A great cause, don't you think?

So far I made Ian's face. The pillow will have to wait a few more weeks. But before I actually place Ian's face on the pillow, I thought it would be fun to imagine it as a mask. Anyone want to be Ian Somerhalder for Halloween?

 Just like the Michael Strahan mask I made yesterday, I started with a crappy printout and traced the contours of his face on a sheet of parchment paper. Then I covered the parchment paper with white duct tape and cut out Ian's features.


His hair went through a few different iterations. Let's just say that it's hard to capture that tousled look with duct tape. He started out looking like Bruce Lee.

This is the closest I could get to Ian's coif. I just hope he likes it!