How To Make A Clutch Bag on HLN TV

Hey there! Here is a video of a clutch bag I made for Written instructions are provided after the jump.


(To view it on the HLN site, click here.)

sheet of parchment paper
black duct tape
kiss print duct tape
white duct tape

craft knife
some type of oil on a paper towel, stored in a sealable baggie

Place sheet of parchment paper on your worktable.

Cut six strips of black duct tape and 1 strip of kiss print duct tape. Use strips to cover parchment paper, placing them horizontally and overlapping at the edges by approximately 1/4 inch, creating a larger duct tape "fabric."

Starting from one of the lower corners, pull fabric up at a diagonal and flip over.

Remove the parchment paper from the sticky side.

Cover the sticky side of the fabric with strips of white duct tape.

Trim all four sides of the fabric so the edges are straight and the corners are 90 degree angles.

Place the fabric on your worktable so the white side is facing up. Bring up the bottom edge and fold up. Secure left and right sides with strips of black duct tape. This is the pocket of the bag.

Pinch the corners of the bottom of the bag pocket and fold inward about 1 inch. Secure folded corners in place with a strips of black duct tape.

Take the top, or the flap of the bag, and bring the corners together. Cut off the corners in a curved line.

Cut a strip of kiss print duct tape at least 16 inches long. Fold strip in thirds to create a strap.

In the middle of the bag flap, near the edge, cut a slit approximately 3/4 inch long. Slip the strap through the slit so approximately 1/2 inch of it is on the white side (inside) of the flap. Secure the 1/2 inch piece of the strap in place with a piece of white duct tape.

On the black side (outside) of the flap, cut off the remaining part of the strap, leaving approximately leaving 1 1/2 inches attached to the flap. This is the top part of the bag closure. Set aside the remaining strap.

Along the bottom of the front side if the bag pocket, cut two 3/4 inch long slits, one on top of the other. This is the bottom part of the bag closure.

Fold a piece of black duct tape along the bottom edge of the top bag closure. Trim down so that it looks like an anchor.

Take the remaining part of the strap and fold in half. This is the handle. Cut a slit into one of the side seams of the bag pocket and insert the open end of the handle. Secure the end of the handle inside the bag pocket with strips of white duct tape.