A Different Display of Lights In The NYC Sky

Happy Independence Day! (Okay, I'm a day late, but I was busy yesterday.)

This is a quick post about a different display of lights in the NYC sky.

Earlier this year, a trio of like-minded artists (Tim Bartlett, George Del Barrio, and Karl Mehrer) figured out a way to light up the defunct Kentile Floors sign near the Smith-9th St. train station in Brooklyn. (To read about how they actually accomplished it as well as a little background on the Kentile Floors sign, read here.) On May 3rd, I was lucky enough to be there, camera and tripod in hand, for this one-night-only event.

I recently heard that the sign is being taken down. And although I understand that the sign is being salvaged, it still makes me sad that a piece of the old Brooklyn landscape will be altered (yet again). When I was growing up in Brooklyn, I never thought much of the Kentile Floors sign. It hasn't worked since before I was born, so I was not full of rage or entitlement upon hearing the news. Change happens. I just feel lucky that I was there to see the sign lit up for a final time, and in its original place amid a backdrop of brick warehouse buildings and an urban canal. The Macy's 4th of July fireworks may dominate the imaginations of many New Yorkers, but I'll always remember the night of May 3rd. It made more of an impression on me than all the whistling, rocketing, and exploding lights over the East River could ever do.