Going Outside The Comfort Zone

It's hard sometimes to figure things out--visually and in life.

While trying to find a new form and a trusty method to create collages, I've sat and stared at my easel for hours. I'll cut a piece of paper and glue it to the grid. I'll rip it out and start all over again. It's hard to see where all the pieces fit. It's easier to remain inert and contemplate the infinite possibilities.

Harmony or tension. Balance or instability. Which choice proves to be the more dynamic composition?

In my personal life, I crave harmony and balance. But when I draw or paint or create collages, it's all about taking chances. Seek out the tension. Go outside of the comfort zone.

Surprisingly, I learned this from my son Mack. When I watch him play baseball, he's always taking chances and constantly pushing his boundaries. If he's on base, he'll take a big lead. If he's catching, he'll try to throw out someone at 2nd base. When I sit in the stands, I see all the other parents gleefully clap when he takes that chance. I bask in his confidence that whatever happens, he won't regret his actions. He does all he can and he never thinks, what if?

So I go outside my comfort zone and shake off the dust. I place another strip of paper on the grid, and repeat this over and over until my collage is done. Keep trying. Keep pushing.

I'll take that big lead. I'll try to throw that runner out. No regrets.