Pixel Wall Art

So I recently went "Old School" and made the Pac Man video game character Blinky for my studio wall. Below is a tutorial on how I actually made Blinky. You can also use these instructions for any kind of Minecraft inspired art or other pixel/video game characters from the 80s. This is great for a game room or kid's bedroom.


Materials: red, black, and white duct tape, parchment paper

Tools:  graph paper, colored pens or markers, ruler, scissors, carpenter's level, pencil

1. Draw Blinky on the graph paper by filling in the squares. In general, Blinky is 14 squares wide and 13 squares tall. Try to follow the drawing in the photo, but feel free to make one of your own design.

2. Count how many red, black, and white squares are in your drawing. The number of squares in the photo are 109 red, 8 black, and 24 white.

3. Cut 109 strips of red duct tape, 8 strips of black duct tape, and 24 strips of white duct tape that are each 2" long. Place them on parchment paper.

4. Pick a spot on the wall where you will place your stickers. It should be at least 30" wide and 20" high. Mark the center of this area with a pencil.

5. Using the carpenter's level and ruler, draw a straight line horizontally across and a second straight line vertically through the center of the wall area.

6. Use the graph paper drawing as a guide to map out the position of each colored duct tape strip. Starting with the middle row, placing the strips on the wall and align the top edges of each strip with the drawn horizontal line.

7. Place the rest of the colored strips on the wall.