Book Reviews for Tape It & Make More

- Geek Dad (James Floyd Kelly):
A copy of Tape It & Make MORE just arrived on my doorstep — I’m a sucker for duct tape projects, and I’ve been waiting for this follow-up book written by Richela Fabian Morgan. Her earlier book, Tape It & Make It provided full-color instructions for creating 101 items with duct tape. And now, her follow-up book offers 101 more projects. Get your duct tape rolls ready… 
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- A Year of Jubilee:
Richela Fabian Morgan may just be the queen of duct tape! We purchased her book Tape it & Make it when my son first started getting into crafting with duct tape. It was by far the best book for ideas and ease of use. Where her second book Tape it & Make More came out we jumped on the chance to review it. 101 more duct tape activities that will keep my kids occupied for a short time, and many of the crafts are ones that are useful as well.
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 - Just Short of Crazy:
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Book Reviews for Tape It & Make It

Over 60 reviews. "Awesome book for makers and crafty people!" "Great project book.""Lots of crafts to pick from." (Read full reviews.)

- Dad:
TAPE IT & MAKE IT, is "going to be one of my go-to books for my kids’ sick days, holidays, summer break, and I’m bored moments. It’s a fantastic book — you won’t regret having a copy on hand for when you need a quick project to keep ‘em busy." (Read full review.) 

 - Portland Book Review:
Ms Morgan "has written a book that is well organized and full of inventive ideas." These ideas "outlined in a fun, resourceful, and inspirational little book will be just the beginning for what you can do with a roll of duct tape!" (Reader full review.)

 - Feathered Quill: "This is a marvelous book that is sure to please crafters who want a little something different to work with and that something is duct tape!" (Read full review.)

 - "This book features great projects; everything from coin purses to neckties, from mini animals to large "megativities" for the super adventurous. Such creative ideas!" (Read full review.)

- Scrapscene: Tape It & Make It "would be a great gift idea for someone of any age, male or female."   (Read full review.)

- The Springmount 6 Pack: "There are so many ideas in Tape It & Make It, and once you have learned the basics for making them, you can be inspired to design your own." (Read full review.)

Author Interviews

 - Elizabeth Foy Larsen/Unbored:
"Richela is a serious crafter who specializes in paper, adhesives, and found materials." (Read the full article.)

 - Francine LaSala/Clippings In The Shed:
"Richela's creative mind knows no limits. She has amazing vision, and she is able to see amazing things even beyond the raising of her two fun and fabulous kids..." (Read full article.)