Sing for Hope

Yesterday was the orientation for the Sing For Hope volunteer piano artists— and I’m one of them! We are given the privilege of transforming their pianos into artworks based on our proposals. So honored. I’m looking forward to this journey and will post lots of work-in-progress photos. I don’t think anyone has ever attached duct tape birds to a piano (that will then sit outdoors for 3 weeks!), so there will be a lot of testing. Oh boy. (Say that jubilantly, questioning, or with measured apprehension. Oh boy! Oh boy? Oh…boy…)


The artwork for all 50 pianos should be completed by March 31. Then the pianos will be placed all over New York City—from the bottom of Staten Island to the top of the Bronx, from the westside of Manhattan to Rockaway Beach— June 3 through 23. Check back here for more news!